Online coaches need high-quality websites in order to show and maintain a professional presence. The website should not only be designed well and stand out from the crowd, but the design should also show visitors that the coach is a successful professional.

You don’t want a generic website that reduces confidence in your skills. Your website is part of what tells your story to your current and potential audience. Quality design is crucial to your success.

One of the best ways to get a professional design is to use a Divi child theme. There are many Divi child themes available online including several that are designed specifically for coaches. In this article, we’ll discuss what a Divi child theme is, see why Divi child themes for coaches is a smart solution, and look at a few of the top Divi coaching child themes to help you get started.

You Need a Professional-Quality Design

We’ve all seen the generic coaching sites. Even if they use a well-coded theme, they’re sometimes bland in their design. Nothing captures the eye of the reader. If they all use the same free theme, then they all look the same. They tend to look mediocre, and, well, boring. No one wants to hire a boring coach.

What coaches need in a website is a professional design that helps them stand out. Websites should be simple enough to use while looking impressive. Visitors often see your homepage or blog posts first, and first impressions are crucial to doing business online.

Pre-made Web Designs

Fortunately, you don’t have to design the website yourself. Also, fortunately, you don’t have to hire a designer to create it for you. You can use a professionally designed Divi child theme and get a head start on your website’s design.

Coaching websites need certain features that will show your services, the benefits of connecting with you, how to connect with you, what others think about your services, sign up to your newsletter, and funnel through to your call to action (CTA). Divi child themes for coaches have these features and pages built in.

For more information about what makes a good coaching website, see the article HOW TO CREATE A GOOD COACHING WEBSITE here on The Coaching Marketplace Blog.

What is a Divi Child Theme?

A WordPress theme, such as Divi, includes several pages of code that designers have access to. These pages, such as function.php and the CSS stylesheet, allow website designers and developers to make changes to the website. They can even add more features, such as embedding code, creating custom headers, footers, etc., by creating new functions and sheets.

The problem is, you can lose all of these customizations when the theme updates. The solution is to use a child theme. A child theme inherits files from the parent theme and the files are left intact when the theme updates. You can make all of the customizations you want in a child theme and you’ll never lose them when your theme has to update.

Advantages of Divi Child Themes

This opens up a lot of possibilities. Divi designers can create pre-made child themes for any type of website, and website owners can use them without having to hire a professional. Website owners can choose the exact design they want and have their website running in less time.

Divi designers are some of the best WordPress designers on the web. Because of this, the Divi marketplaces have some of the best child themes available. Many Divi designers have created child themes for sale on their own websites and in the Divi marketplaces. Child themes cover practically any genre you can imagine- including coaching.

Using Divi Child Themes

Divi child themes can be installed like any theme. Their content is imported with a single click. Many add new features that are specifically designed for the theme’s genre. They include all of the pages you need to build your website.

You can customize the colors, change the images, and add your own content. Many Divi child themes include detailed instructions on customizing colors, menus, integrated icons, and more. They can be used as they are, or you can modify them further to create something uniquely yours.

Example Child Themes

There are lots of professionally designed child themes for Divi made specifically for coaches. Here’s a look at few of them.


Kennedy was designed with coaches, authors, and motivational speakers in mind. It includes a clean design with 7 page layouts with a blog landing page. It also features custom hero sections, a service timeline, horizontal opt-in, Caldera form, and animations.

Price: $95 | More Information


Anthem was designed with marketing in mind. It’s a versatile theme with over 12 page layouts including multiple homepage designs. It also includes Page Builder Everywhere 2.0 built-in, WooCommerce, Font Awesome, and Instagram integration, and 15 walkthrough videos to help you get started.

Price: $75 | More Information


Thrive was designed for coaches, consultants, and mentors. It’s great for any type of service business. It includes 6 main pages, custom fonts, several opt-in forms for lead magnets including both the Divi opt-in and Bloom, a global footer, and CTA. Colors can be changed in the stylesheet.

Price: £79.00 | More Information

Mark Spencer

Mark Spencer was designed specifically for coaches, speakers, and authors. It features 11 page layouts with a blog page and a custom subscribe page, a custom header, horizontal opt-ins, and small animations. It also includes Blubrry Podcast integration and a podcast custom post type.

Price: $125 | More Information

Final Thoughts

Divi is the best theme on the planet with the best child themes for coaches. Using Divi child themes for coaches is a smart solution to having a professional coaching website. The themes we looked at here are just scratching the surface of what’s available, but we highly recommend them. Colors and images are easy enough to change to match your branding. Be sure to choose a child theme with the layout and features that best suit your business needs.

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